To market and strategize effectively, you have to have a comprehensive view of your existing situation – your strategies, tactics, goals, results, market position, and customers.  We do audits much like financial auditors do.  We capture the key information about your company, and apply a 360° view to see what works well, what doesn’t, and where the challenge areas are. After we put together an overview of the key drivers of your company, products/services, target customers and potential customers, we review your goals and objectives.  Fueled by this background information, we scrutinize your marketing plan and activities and recommend amendments and fine-tuning.  Most marketing planning and strategy initiatives get vision, clarity, “ah-ha”s, and ideas from a marketing audit. 

We recommend that every mid-sized company that has been marketing their products and services for at least five years undertake a marketing audit as a precursor to their next marketing strategy initiative.


Benefits to your company:  gives you the insight for better marketing strategy and planning, shows problem areas, facilitates better performance and measurement of marketing activities, recharges and refreshes your efforts.

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