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Living by the ocean for much of my life, I love the salty sea air and the abundance of amazing sealife that
inhabit it. When a client with a line of skin care products and natural health therapies needed a business growth plan, we were excited about the prospect of helping.

For 20+ years, the company and its principals have researched the properties and benefits of seaweed. Their laboratory had been used by analysts all over the world, and the science behind the use and formulation of seaweed-based products was well established. The owners1 – a marine scientist and a pharmacist – were well known authorities on the technology and benefits of incorporating seaweed into cosmetic and natural health remedies. After a lot of experimentation, they had developed a line of personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, massage gel, face & body creams) and three pharmaceuticals – one that reduces inflammation, one that works to minimize psoriasis, and the third that helps with weight loss. Their sales efforts needed attention and marketing needed to go beyond just events and conferences in the health and wellness industry.

This was clearly a Business-to-Business challenge. The Company needed to get their products onto the shelves of stores, clinics and salons; and they needed to increase traction in spas and with naturopathic specialists. But more than getting the products into the marketplace, the owners wanted a full analysis followed by a restructuring of the company to focus on the commercialization of their products.

OUR METHOD: We met with each staff member individually, and identified their strengths, the value they could bring to the company, their outlook for the future, and their general perspectives. Human potential was amazing, but while some people had great talent and potential to offer, they weren’t in a position where they could maximize their contribution. We worked with Management to give staff some decision-making authority and implement inter-departmental teams to work on new initiatives. Internal culture can be tricky – it involves personalities, company and individual values, and social dynamics, among other considerations. And that’s not all – it continuously evolves over time, and as do all the people on staff. One person cannot create or singlehandedly change a company’s culture. Previously, one individual was charged with the responsibility of spearheading the culture conversion to being more collaborative, social and participative. The Company collectively worked on that and after many months, the environment in the company was noticeably different, and productivity rose. It may often seem that company culture is not a key issue, but here, boosting it was a key contributor to their growth.

OUTCOMES: We had a creativity group meeting to discuss the company structure, and the results gave the president excellent intel for changing some positions and reporting strategy. We worked through creating target markets and sales channels, as well as key messaging. Sales training, sales territories and success metrics made the sales team much more effective. The marketing plan for the next 5 years was the last component we worked on. The company now feels different.

WHERE ARE THEY TODAY? Fortunately, the staff has followed the plans conscientiously, and the skin care products now enjoy a strong following in high-end stores and spas. Marketing the pharmaceuticals has been challenging; now they too are gaining traction. A spokesperson who is a naturopathic doctor is giving them some valuable credibility.



[1] Please note client’s name is fictitious as our firm policy is to sign non-disclosure agreements and guarantee confidentiality with all of our clients.

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