Our Team


Carla Gail Tibbo

President & Founder

Gail loves the challenge of setting a business on an enhanced path to success.   She has empowered many companies to conduct business more effectively.  She has been the inspiration and guiding force behind excellent strategic initiatives, effective market positioning, and successful product launches.  For many clients, not only has she streamlined and developed their business and marketing efforts, but she has, on the way along, educated their staff to be more effective marketers and researchers.

Gail is the President and Founder of Incisive Marketing and has consulted to a wide variety of organizations.  She inspires clients and works collaboratively to gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics and culture of their organizations, and then to develop realistic, actionable and measureable plans/strategies.


Shannon Cox

Chief Strategist

Shannon’s hands-on approach and ability to create a shared vision among team members is unique.  She is a skilled coach, advisor, and guide to her clients, and is particularly effective in creating plans and processes that really resonate with and work for client companies. Solving problems through conversation and converging ideas is her style.  She works alongside her clients, develops strategies, plans and tools, and builds collaboration to reach business goals.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the situation, Shannon delves into her client’s world, assessing it against situational influences and market trends before building strategy.

Whether facilitating public consultations, working with managers on realistic growth plans, or delivering skills training development with firms, she brings clear strategic thinking, relationship building and effervescent energy to her clients.


Peggy Tibbo-Cameron

Partner & Senior Consultant

Peggy is the consummate problem solver and strategist.  Her facility for development and implementation of truly actionable plans – strategic, business and tactical – has benefitted both government and public-private partnerships.  Successfully leading programs and projects that require collaboration between industry groups and government stakeholders at all levels has earned her national recognition.

Peggy’s background and diversified experience has taken her from public policy through to research, strategy and analysis.   Notably, she spearheaded, managed and developed a unique national information resource for culture arts, culture, heritage and sports.  Working with clients, her teamwork, communication, creativity, enthusiasm and infectious laugh are a win/win for clients and the Incisive team.


Stuart Cox

Sales Development Specialist

Stuart is everything sales.  His forte is adapting sales techniques and solutions to his client companies, and making sales happen.

Stuart has spent the last 30 years perfecting his sales skills.  Building relationships with key decision makers has allowed him to continually exceed his targets year after year, as well as to become a valued resource for his clients.  Whether it’s commodity items which sell for a few pennies, or capital equipment for millions of dollars, Stuart has “been there and done that”.  He starts out by understanding the business, the services and the products, and then charts a path to reach sales goals.

As an experienced sales professional, he comes with an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural ability to connect with people.  His wheelhouse covers all aspects of the sales world – building up and managing sales teams, establishing sales performance metrics, coaching sales staff, and developing strong client relationships.  Working now as a sales consultant, his focus is understanding client businesses and helping them and their sales teams to reach their sales goals.