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We love food – not only to eat, not only to cook, but also as a form of creativity – and as a business challenge.  So when a food creator came to us with a wonderful (and tasty!) idea of a product that was new and different, we jumped right in.


Mia[1] is a passionate foodie who had two products from her native South America.  From her catering work, she knew that they would be popular in Canada, and she thought that they could successfully be made into a business venture.  But she had no idea where or how to begin.


There are thousands of condiments on the market, but when we first tasted it, we knew Mia’s was different.  We started out by making a business plan – setting up a new company, determining what the product names and niches would be, identifying how to get the products manufactured, estimating prices, setting out a budget, considering how to sell and market to the target market.  We researched the market and zeroed in on the key competitors.   Testing the product with a group of food connoisseurs gave us great ideas for describing and marketing the condiments.


Selling on the website was an option, but we also wanted to have a presence in gourmet food stores.  Food labeling regulations, store shelf space, pricing and breaking through clutter in the food industry all presented challenges.  We were able to secure a great spot in a few gourmet food stores, a presence at a food market, and then in a mainstream store with a specialty food section.  Store demos were done, and very successfully!  We had line-ups to taste and buy.


Today, the company is thriving, and Mia is adding other condiments to her product line.  Her online sales are growing, and she has a small – but prominent – place on shelves in gourmet food stores across Canada and the USA.


Every time we go to a gourmet food store, we check to make sure Mia’s product is there.  And we smile when we remember the journey, and the successes Mia has enjoyed!  She says, “you got me from the kitchen to the store shelves – I can cook but the business side of it is where I really needed you”.

[1] Please note client’s name is fictitious as our firm policy is to sign non-disclosure agreements and guarantee confidentiality with all of our clients.

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