How do you grow? A tool for growing your company & products

To succeed in today’s market, we all have to innovate and grow. Sitting comfortably where we are and continuing to offer the same products to the same consumers in the same way simply doesn’t work. If we don’t change – well, we do change – even if we don’t make any effort at all. That’s because the market around us changes, and this transforms our business and alters our competitive position. It’s better to be agents of change than slaves to it. Part of being that agent is analyzing your product and market growth possibilities and ensuring that you’re on the right track.

Getting to a Truly Functional Board for Not-for-Profits

Those faces around the board table – do you really know who they are, how they got there, and what they really bring to the organization? If you’re the Executive Director or the Board Chair, you likely have a hand in selecting those people. Whether it’s a governance board or an operational board, its composition and dynamics are the difference between a really functional and contributing group of people and a set of faces that you’re not sure about…


One of the most common topics in the business world today seems to be “big data” – or business intelligence – or one of the other phrases used to describe it. And the commentary is almost always directed at large businesses, and those with sophisticated information systems in place. What data does your small/medium sized business need? How can you get them simply, effectively, and, at the same time, make them really useful?