How we work We work with small and medium sized businesses to help them to market more effectively, to position their company well in their marketplace, and to assemble the optimal sales team.  We also work with staff to build their marketing competence.  Our approach is simple:

  • We get to know you and your business, and the challenges you face
  • We learn about the market you are in, and how you compete in that market
  • We work with you and your staff – to develop action plans, to implement change, to strategize  for the future
  • We coach, mentor, inspire and guide you and your staff
  • We implement, and we make the plans reality

Our expertise

What we can help you with

We can help you with management of your business…

  • Managing change, reorganization and development of new opportunities

  • Advising senior management on directions for the future

  • Designing growth strategies and implementation plans

  • Solving business problems and identifying their root causes

  • Creating a market and competitive intelligence resource within your company

We can help you with your marketing …

  • Developing, managing and executing  your marketing strategy

  • Understanding your market and how to create a successful position for your company

  • Taking on the role of your external marketing department

  • Entering a new market, assessing it, and understanding the dynamics

  • Building your brand and making it a valuable asset to you

We can help you with your sales …

  • Analyzing, structuring, coaching and planning your sales team and process

  • Transforming your customer experience and customer loyalty

  • Working with your team to facilitate shared vision, collaborative planning and alignment of internal stakeholders