Carla Gail Tibbo

President and Founder

Gail is the President and Founder of Incisive Marketing, and has consulted to a wide variety of companies for more than 20 years. Her practical strategic approach and her insightful use of market intelligence and research have helped businesses in the financial, high-tech, resource, retail, and government fields. Gail’s strength in market research and intelligence means clients learn more about their customers and what is important to them. This becomes a key underpinning in clients’ marketing strategy.


Gerard Edwards

Partner and Senior Consultant

Gerard’s blend of sales, management, marketing and engineering experience equips him well to work with businesses on their sales training and management challenges. He has helped many companies in new business development, channel strategy and market planning, and has mentored clients through their business evolution including commercialization of new products. He applies his broad B2B background to work across different industries both locally and internationally.


Shannon Cox

Chief Strategist

Shannon is a skilled coach, advisor, and guide to her clients, and is particularly effective in creating plans and processes that really resonate with client companies. Her hands-on approach and ability to create a shared vision among team members is unique, and she couples her strategic thinking with relationship building and effervescent energy.